Southall Cafe – Nothing gone South here.

Connaught Place is a legendary centre. Be it for food or shopping or even just to see this place because it is uber famous, Connaught Place is the answer.

Janpath, just adjacent to Connaught Place has hold its own fort when it comes to local shopping. You can see foreign travellers in  good numbers there.

And recently, this place has become the new food locality. Be it Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra or Sarvana Bhavan or 52 Janpath, Janpath is slowly turning out to be the trending food hub.

And now comes Southall Cafe by  Delhi’s most famous restaurateur- Priyank Sukhija.

You won’t have problem finding this place. Just opposite to the Janpath Metro or Tolstoy Lane. But parking can be bit of an issue.

As you enter the place, you will be surprised to see that it is hugely spacious. Lots of seating space and two seperate entry areas. 

I will advice you to place yourself on their super comfortable and cozy couch. Half of your tensions will be vaporized just by sitting there.

Coming to food, in Starters, first there was Caesar Salad With Balsamic Dressing. It was superb. Those sun-dried tomatoes were excellent. Go with it.

Then there were Cheesy Loaded Nachos. It was good to see Nachos loaded only with Cheese and that too, of two different kinds, and nothing else. Another winner.

Then there were Rajma Galawati Sliders. Served in a set of 3 and with the presentation of a Burger, they were like a Desi version of a Burger.

In Shakes there was Chocolate Shake. That taste of Hershey’s Syrup combined with Ice Cream was superb. Less milk and more Ice Cream was the trick.

Then there was Nutella Shake. Another Shake made very well. I specifically told them to add extra Nutella and they gladly obliged. That strong flavor of Nutella made my day. Recommended.

There was one Mocktail too. Fruit Punch. Mixture of fruits like Pomegranate and Apple, it was the perfect Mocktail. There were chunks of those fruits too.

In Mains, there first there was Tandoori Paneer Pizza. That Cheese Pull was orgasmic. Lots of Cheese and with Paneer Chunks, it was one of the finest Pizza. Recommended.

Then there was Penne Alfredo Pasta. Nothing went wrong here. That Creamy Alfredo sauce was nicely done and had Mushrooms in Vegetable section.

Again, Recommended.

I wanted to have their Brownie, but sadly, it was with egg. So, didn’t had their Dessert.

Overall, a lavish place to enjoy your meal. Highly recommended.

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A Grill Company -Molecular Grill in town

I was invited for a preview dinner by A Grill Company to have a look at this newly opened place and try their numerous dishes.

 Logix Mall has been functioning for almost a year now. And the crowd puller of this Mall till now was PVR IMAX. After all, it is Delhi -NCR’s first IMAX.

But now, all of this is going to change. A Grill Company has the potential to become that game changer.

Not only this place has all the usual Buffet items, it takes one more step by providing molecular dishes too. Who would have known a Buffet place could be this much fun.

The place is quite spacious. You will see tables for 2,4,6 and even 8 people. Seatimg is dome in such a way that when at full capacity, the place won’t be cramped.

The interiors are done in a beautiful manner too. The lightning effects and the posters of Bollywood and Hollywood adjacent to each other is unique.

You will be welcomed by Coffee Flavored Cotton Candy when you proceed to take your seat. It will melt in your mouth as soon as it enters. The flavor of Coffee will be there no doubt.

There is a long list of Starter’s in their Buffet spread. The molecular nitrogen laced items were a relevation.

Even the Dragon Popcorn served were Nitrogen haeavy. The best part about them was that they were butter Popcorn. Recommended.

Raj Kachori was another winner. As I was keeping it in my plate, it was unexpectedly heavy. Lots of filling inside. I loved it.

Then the best part of the meal came. Dahi Bhalla Sundae. Yeah a Sundae of ever popular Dahi Bhalla. Both the Tamarind and Green chutney were Nitrogen freezed. The shape was different but the taste was intact.

In Barbeque grills, Garlic Mushroom Cheese Masala was the best. Three portions of Mushroom set in decreasing order of size, the flavor of Mushroom was superb. Recommended again.

Coming to drinks, Nitrogen concept was present there too. Aampanna Candy was the best of the lot. The flavor of Aampanna served in a Bunta Bottle and given with a Candy Floss. As the Aampanna was poured on the candy, it started to dissolve. Delight to your eyes.

Strawberry Ice Cream Mocktail was decent too. This is what they call deconstruction of Strawberry Ice Cream. More than Ice Cream, the base was of Yogurt.

The Shakes were pretty disappointing. Both Strawberry and Saffron flavored were heavily watered down. No taste of anything. These particular items need heavy modifications.

In mains, again, there were many choices. I will mention two of them which stood out.

Chanar Dalna was the best of Main Course. It is Bengali Dish which, in this case was made of Chickpea, and was outstanding. It’s hard to believe that a dish prepared in Buffet can be this good.

Gujarati Kadi, surprisingly and thankfully wasn’t sweet as I expected. It was good even with Breads.

In Desserts, Brownies were Eggless. I was the happiest man in the room when I read that. And they were delicious too. Soft, Gooey and warm, they were a delight.

 Gulab Jamun were above average. You get better Gulab Jamuns in Barbeque Nation. But they were bigger in size.

Sugarfree Phirnee was delicious. The paste of Rice was well made. You couldn’t see or taste the Rice in Phirnee. Go for it.

Overall, this newly opened place which needs repairing in Shake’s section and Gulab Jamun in particular but you will be delighted by the other food items.

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Feel Alive – Musically Reborn Again.

​Japanese people are known to be polite, quiet and more famously – lover of Karaoke. And personally, I thank them for giving us Karaoke. My first time enjoying Karaoke and what a wonderful experience.

They have five spacious rooms, which are dedicated to people interested in Karaoke. The best thing about the rooms is the Privacy you get. You don’t have to worry about others listening your Bathroom singing!
The food will be served you inside only You don’t have to you change your positions repeatedly.

The ambiance of the place is quiet different to other places in Sec 29. Even though they serve alcohol, but the surroundings are done in a way to make a food lover more comfortable.

Coming to food, In Starter’s first there were Falafel Cutlets. Juicy and filled with Chickpeas, they were crispy and tje dip with it is enjoyed only with this particular item.

Then there were Cheese and Jalapeño Poppers. The best starter’s. The mixture of Potato and Cheese was simply great. You cannot get better than this.

Then, Fresh Pepper Corn Bruschetta was there. They rightly used the word fresh here. The setting of a Garlic Bread sans Garlic and topped with fresh veggies like Corn, Tomato and Onions.

Vada Pav Sliders looked more like Burgers. Served in small portions of four, they were a bit dry. The Chutney filled inside was nice though.

Last in the Starter’s was Four Season Pizza. The Pizza had lots of Veggies like Babycorn, Onions, Capsicum etc. Good amount of Cheese which makes a Pizza good or bad. Go for it.

In Mocktails, there was a lot of Variety. First, there was Cucumber Special. As the name suggests, strong taste of Cucumber in it. I liked this one.

Then there was Apple Mexico. The prettiest of all. Apple with right amount of Fizz is a nice combination. This Mocktail proved it.

Guava Daily was like Mint Mojito made with Guava Flavor. Being a fan of Guava flavored beverages, I liked the combination.

In Mains, Penne Arrabbiata was first. I always prefer Alfredo over Arrabbiata. But this was a nice change. It was a bit spicy and the red sauce thankfully didn’t had strong flavor of Tomatoes.

Thai Red Curry was one of the best I have had. It had my favorite Veggie- Broccoli in it. Rice accompanied with it were plain and complimented nicely with the curry.

Finally, in Mains, Yaki Soba was there. It was your Noodles made in Japanese style. Like almost everything I had, this too, didn’t disappoint. Recommended.

In Desserts, first there was Creme Brulee. The base of the Custard was Vanilla. Blow torched to perfection, this was a good dessert to start with.

Gulab Jamun was disappointing. It was too ordinary to be ordered in a place like this.

Trifle Pudding was my favorite. Vanilla Ice Cream, along with Strawberry Sauce, a bit of Custard and chunks of Vanilla Cake at the end. If you have a Sweet Tooth like me, it is highly recommended.

Overall, a great place to Karaoke and enjoy your food as well. Recommended from my side.

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Wah Ji Wah – Mayur Vihar Phase 2

Wah Ji Wah has to be lauded for the fact that this was the franchise that brought Soya Chaap into limelight.The nearest a Vegetarian can go to being a Non-Vegetarian.

Now, Wah Ji Wah has added many restaurants and some even beyond NCR. But one thing, what I have noticed is the qualify of food that has been going down day by day.

I was really impressed when I first tried their food. It was this same Mayur Vihar outlet when I was amazed by their food.

But my last experience was so bad that it took me more than a year to order their food again.

It was a delivery order. They delivered it in the promised time. The packing was decent, everything including Breads were hot.

My order had Malai Chaap, KFC Chaap, Tawa Chaap Gravy, Shahi Chaap Gravy, Tandoori Roti and Rumali Roti.

Malai Chaap was one of the reasons why I felt in love with this place initially. And it was the reason why I started keeping away from this place. But this time, it was some kind of redemption. The Malai was in adequate quantity and Chaap was fresh amd juicy.

KFC or Krsipy Fried Chaap looks exactly like a Chicken Wing from KFC. It was crisp and bit spicy, accompanied with Mayonnaise which actually wasn’t a bad idea.

Shahi Chaap Gravy was not good. It’s like Shahi Paneer but instead of Paneer, you have Soya chunks in it. The gravy had problem with it. It wasn’t Shahi in any case.

Tawa Chaap Gravy was decent. It was opposite of Shahi Chaap Gravy. It was more oily and spicy but tasted better than Shahi Chaap Gravy.

Breads were okay. Both Tandoori Roti and Roomali Roti’s were good to have with Chaap’s. The good part was, there was no Maida in Tandoori Roti’s

Overall, thankfully, my experience wasn’t bad as last time was. And I expect Wah Ji Wah to keep up with this.

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The Orb, Radisson Blu Plaza – Abs-Orb the atmosphere

Alcohol goes way back. I guess  it is as old as our civilization is. But Cocktails arrived on the scene only in Late 70’s or early 80’s.

A kind of a headache began for people that did not consume alcohol. To eradicate that problems, Mock Cocktails or Mocktails as they are famously know now, were introduced.

And Thank God for these Mocktails, people like me are not singled out now.

And if these Mocktails are as good as they are in Orb, then you have your day made.

As you enter The Orb, first thing you notice is the decor. Bottles of wine for show and that eye popping Chandelier around the Bar area which will take your breath away.

Coming to Mocktails, first there was Orb Love. This is what you call Mint Mojito but with addition of Pomegranate. Due to the addition of Pomegranate, the color changed into Red.

Then there was Alphonse. As the name suggests, it was Mango flavored Mocktail. A nice refreshing drink with Vanilla Syrup in it to add a zing to it.

Then there was In Search Of Paradise. A drink with Peach, Apricot and Soda in it. You don’t see Peach flavored Mocktails everywhere. So it was a good initiative here.

Now coming to food, first there was Veg Shushi. To be honest, this was the first time I was having Shushi. So I will wait for the judgement on that, till I have some experience.

Then there was Veg Bruschetta. Served in a set of 4, it was filled with Vegetable like Tomatoes and Mushroom.

Then, there was Masala Peanuts too. Chakna for drinkers and non drinkers alike.

Cheese Quesadillas were filled with loads of Cheese and Mushroom. I had more than 6 pieces of them. Couldn’t control myself keeping away from them.

Next was Orb Special Pizza. My Favorite of the night. Full of Feta and Mozzarella Cheese, it also had Basil and Tomato on top of it. Highly recommended.

Veg Dumplings were very nicely presented in an traditional Asian way. They were filled with chopped Vegetables along with two types of Chutneys.

Finally there were Paneer Mushroom Pinwheel. The outer layer was made purely of Paneer and the stuffing had mushrooms as well as Paneer in it. And it was garnished with Marmalade. Recommended.

Overall, a recommended place where not only the ambiance, but food also scores.

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736 A.D. – A.D-elicious affair.

Delhi is derived from the word ‘Dhillika’ which had around 18 different sites of various kings and emperors that include Indraprastha.

I would have been unaware of this fact, if I had not dined here yesterday night.

This was my first visit to the GTB Nagar area. And all I could notice there, were the Cafés and eating joints. It is located adjacent to the very famous Phonebooth Cafe.

Though, GTB Nagar is filled with numerous Cafe’s but this is one of those rare one’s which serves Alcohol.

Coming to food, first there was Greek Salad. The Salad had lots of Lettuce and Cucumber in it with minute amount of Cheese and Dressing.

In Starter’s there were Vintage Momos. A nice touch given to your usual Fried Momos. There were vegetables inside and the Momos were layered with Mayo Dip. I liked them.

Then, Corn Cheese Balls were there. There was very nice taste of Cornflour and, though not the cheese I was expecting but at least there were no potatoes in the name of Cheese Balls.

Chilli Potatoes were crisp with taste of Potatoes present and for a change, I ordered them without Honey glzaed on them.

French Fries with Dip was also there.  The Dip was really good and the Fries had herbs seasoning all over them. When combined, they were really good.

Cheesy Grilled Sandwich is recommended by me. 4 pieces of sandwich with Mayo, cucumber, tomato and lots of Cheese present in it. The taste of Cheese was just fabulous. Do try it.

In shakes, first there was Cocoa Rust Shake. This was what you call Chocolate Shake in simpler terms. They use Hershey’s syrup which increases the flavor of the Shake.

Next Strawberry Shake was there. Again, a very well made Shake.Thick and full of Milk with great taste of Strawberries in it. Recommended.

Finally, the best Shake was Kit-Kat Shake. I have heard a lot about this Shake of 736 A.D. And finally tried it. The trick was to use lots of Kit-Kat so that you can actually taste it. Highly recommended.

In Mains, first there was Double Patty Burger. Never knew, an Aloo Patty Burger could be so good. It was filled with Lettuce, Cheese, Mayo and two huge Patties. The spices used in the Patty were done very carefully. That was the best thing about the Burger. The best dish of the evening.

White Sauce Mushroom Pasta was Cheesy and filled with Mushrooms and Olives. The good thing about the Pasta was that it didn’t had any veggies. Only Mushroom and Olives, as mentioned in the Menu.

Then, Crispy Veg Hakka Style was there. Vegetables like Cabbage, Mushroom and Broccoli were deep fried and topped with Hot and Sour Sauce. Also, Peanuts were spread around the dish. You can give it a try.

Finally, in Mains, Schezwan Garlic Paneer was there. It was served in a Shovel and had heavy Smoky taste to it. The Paneer pieces were soft and again, done in Hot and Sour Gravy.

There are only two Dessert option. First, Brownie with Ice Cream was there. After Wondering how the Shakes were so good, I Finally got my answer – Vanilla Ice Cream. So good in taste.

The last item on the Menu was Chocolate Truffle. The Bread part was soft and as it was melted before it was served, the Chocolate Sauce was all around. Lovely to look and delicious to eat.

Overall, I highly recommend this place. Go there ASAP. And give your taste buds a treat.

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The Belgian Fries Company – City of Nice Fries.

I don’t believe in having small meals, especially when those small meals are Junk food or outside food in general.

The reason for trying The Belgian Fries Company was that uncontrollable hunger. And I thank that hunger. This place turned out to be a solid one.

When in Mall Of India, you may have passed this place a lot of times and wouldn’t have noticed it ;Shopping is a huge task, I get it.

There isn’t much to say about the ambiance of this place. As you can see in the image below, there are only three tables but peculiarly only two chairs in all to sit.

Coming to food, I went with Combo 2. One Fries and One Shake.

The Fries were small in serving. Maybe, because they were in a Combo. But they were great in tatse. Those Fries were Crispy and the Cheese served on top of it was really great. Thick and true to the name. 

One thing to note is, you will have to pay extra for that Cheese topping if you have taken the Combo.

Initially, I was undecided for the Shake’s flavor. Either Kulfi or Chocolate Oreo. Finally, I went with Chocolate Oreo one. The Shake, very surprisingly, was really good. It was thick, had nice Oreo taste in it and was in good quantity.

I was so impressed by their Fries and Shake, I decided to try their Waffles as well. They were served in two small pieces, half circle in total.

I went with Nutella Waffles. Sadly there wasn’t any option of having Chocolate Sauce on top of it. I was even ready to pay extra for the Chocolate Sauce but no policy there.

The Waffles were Crisp and Nutella was in good quantity. It helped to have it with a Scoop Of Ice Cream.

Overall, a very nice place to beat your hunger. Do give this place a try. Just once, on my say, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Less Than Perfect – Imperfection at it’s best.

It’s good to be humble. In fact, it really pays off to be humble. Less Than Perfect is an ideal example of that.

Less Than Perfect is a newly opened place in the busy market of SDA. It doesn’t help that it functions on the Third Floor, and you will have to use stairs to reach the place.

There isn’t much to say about the ambiance, as you will notice. I am sure the owners are aware of this fact.

Even the walls behind the reception area are not well painted. It can be a bit off putting. Lots of work needs to be done in that area.

Now, coming to the food. We started off with Crispy Honey Chilli Sesame Potato. They were on the spicy side but were perfectly made. Potatoes were crispy but didn’t lose their flavor. The addition of Seasame was a nice finishing touch.

Cheese French Fries were disappointing. Both, Fries as well as Cheese poured on top of it, was bland. There was no taste to them.

I will appreciate the effort of making their Own Cheese Sauce instead of using Mayonnaise like most of the Cafés do.

In Shakes, there was Coffee Caramel Shake. One of the best Coffee flavored Shakes I have had. It was thick and had great taste of Coffee and Caramel alike. Highly recommended.

Strawberry Shake after returning it once, was nicely made. Strawberries could have been more, but overall, a good shake.

Kitkat Shake, again, was thickly made like all of their Shakes. The flavor of Kitkat was in good measures. I will recommend you to have Shakes at this place. Do not miss them.

In Mains, Crispy Pita Breads were there. Usually everywhere, they serve you thick and soft Pita Bread. These breads were thin and Crsipy and served along with delicious Hummus dip. A very nice change there. Highly recommended.

Finally, there was Canteen Wali Dal Makhani with Cheese Garlic Naan. Dal Makhani was served at it was promised. That Tadka along with Tomato pieces was there to make it taste like college Canteen’s food, is a very nice idea.

Cheese Garlic Naan served with it were superb. I thought there will be Paneer inside, but there was actual Cheese. And the finely Chopped Garlic was too good. Again, highly recommended.

The service is prompt and the prices are kept in check. There are some categories like Pizza where you can get Buy 1 Get 1 free deals.

Given that they are new, I will keep my judgement of thier Ambiance until next time.

Do give this place a try. Keep away from Cheese Fries but have their Coffee Caramel Shake and Crispy Pita Breads.

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The Flying Saucer Cafe – Right on the Radar.

‘But why the name Flying Saucer’ That’s the first question that popped up in my mind.

After my experience of this place, I have the answer. At least, my own interpretation- Because of the lofty standards set by this restaurant.

And I am not just talking about that eye popping Chandelier from which you cannot take your eyes off, even for a second. The most striking feature of the restaurant.

Let’s get to the food here. We started with Sriracha And Honey Mushrooms. Couldn’t have asked for a better start than this. Deep Fried Mushrooms glaced with Honey and spiced up with Sriracha Sauce. In simpler terms, Honey Chilli Potato where Potatoes were replaced by Mushrooms. Highly recommended.

Next, there were Crispy Corn Kernels. A fried Papad used as a base and Roasted Corn on it along with finely chopped Onions and Tomatoes. There were also minute pieces of Green chilli’s which I put aside as I am not a fan of them. The Corn, because of roasting, were Crispy too. A perfect Chakna to compliment your drink.

Then there were Paneer Samosas. The Outside thick layer of Samosa will remind you of your favorite little shop of Samosa’s which were your daily dose of food in your earlier days. The filling inside was made purely of Paneer Masala, nothing else. Fans of Paneer, like me, will really love it.

Finally there was Penang Paneer Tikka. The Paneer pieces were really soft, and had a bit of smoky taste to them. I would say that smoky flavor made them taste better, and the sauce used as the dressing was good too.

In Mocktails, there was your usual Virgin Mojito, Fruit Punch and Virgin Merry. Virgin Mojito was regular. That Lime and Sugar combination served everywhere.

Fruit Punch was really nice. Heavy on the taste of Guava and Papaya. And curiously, it was served differently each and every time we ordered it. If you want to have a Moctail here, go with the Fruit Punch.

Virgin Merry can be called a waste. Don’t ho with this one. It was more a Detoxing drink than a Moctail.

In Shakes, Chocolate Hazelnut Shake was there. I really liked the strong Hazelnut flavor in it. But like most of the fancy restaurants that doesn’t give importance to Shakes, it wasn’t thick.

In Banana Shake, there was taste of Banana, but there was some artificial taste too which was a bit off putting.

Let’s go to Mains now. Veg Tacos had the filling of Paneer in it. The same stuffing that was present in Paneer Samosas. It was delicious. The Taco layer had the finesse of Kathi Roll in it.

Veg Biryani was the best dish of the evening. The kind of Biryani where even the harshest Critics won’t call it Veg Pulao. The taste of Rice, Vegetables and Spices could be easily differentiated. Highly recommended. Raita served with it nicely complemented the Biryani.

Thai Basil Sauce Fettucine Pasta was a very different version of Pasta. Instead of your usual Alfredo or Marinara Sauce, Thai Basil Sauce was used. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are ready to try something new, you can go with it.

Finally there was Khao Suey Burger. I thought the Burger would come with noodles inside it. But that wasn’t the case. The Patty was good but was served a tad cold.

In Dessert, everything was with egg in them, except Paan Ice Cream. But it was worth it. The strong flavor of Paan was there as if you are literally eating a Paan. Again, recommended.

Overall, a great restaurant to dine at. Don’t miss their Sriracha And Honey Mushroom, and Veg Biryani.

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Agent Jack’s By Brewer Street – Mission Successful.

Ja Daarubaaz Ja, Pee le apni Zindagi. How apt is this sentence for Agent Jack’s By Brewer Street.
This is a newly opened place, on the competitive street of ever growing Sec 29 Market. Agent Jack won’t be difficult to locate. After all, Sec 29 has become one of the go to places in Gurgaon.


Spread over two floors, this place also has an under construction Rooftop. It will only add to the zing of the place.
As you enter the place, you will notice Graphic posters using the images of Suave agents conversing with each other referencing only to Alcohol and that too in Hindi. somewhat along the lines of Archer I must say.

This place has a concept of Bidding Bar to serve drinks. You will have to Download their App from the Play Store to order drinks here. There will be bidding war for each drink and I wish Nobody loses in this War. On the screen you can see three Columns, one for the market price, another for the current price and the last one for the lowest price for the day of a particular drink.


In Starters, first there was Karari Roti. It’s what you call Chakhna to complement with the booze. Very different Papad from what you get in restaurants.

Almond Aloo Tikki was stuffed inside Pita Bread. The taste of Almond was missing but overall a very nice dish made even better by the Green Chutney that was accompanied with it.

Then there was Achari Paneer Tikka, which was served in a Hammer straight out of Thor’s hand. I am not a big fan of Paneer Tikka. But this was good. You don’t have your regular spicy over the top achari taste, but a very fine Masala zing to the soft Paneer Pieces.

Crispy Katoris had the Crispy base of Fried chips and inside were finely chopped vegetables like Onions, Tomatoes and Beans. And on top of that, Mozzarella Cheese was added. Recommended.

In Drinks, we first went with Virgin Mojito. It turned out to be the best drink. The taste of Lime was on the higher side and sugar was added accordingly in it. You can go with this if you want to try a Mocktail here.

Strawberry Cooler could have done with more Strawberries. There weren’t other specific things in this, so if done right, this could be a gem of a Mocktail.

Finally there was Pineapple Coconut Ice Tea. I had no idea Coconut in a drink can be good in taste. Pineapple coupled with Coconut are a solid combo.

In Mains, Nizami Subz Biryani was there. The best Food item of the evening. The Rice had good quantity of vegetables and the proper amount of Salt and Spices to make it the best item here.

The Gravy along with the Biryani was even better than The Biryani itself. That sour and extra Spicy taste was not there. It was made on the sweeter side. Highly recommended here.

Finally we had Veg Pizza. This was disappointing. It was huge in size and looked delicious but the taste wasn’t up to the mark. The Makhani sauce used, can be improved. It was a flatbread but neither was it crispy nor soft.

Finally A parting gift was given to us by the management. It had a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Classic Shiraz Cabernet along with two shots glass. The pack looked gorgeous, it will be in my dining room for a while.

Overall it’s a good place to party, but their Service need to be upped a bit. The place was running to capacity, so maybe because of that Service took a hit.
I recommend this place. Take your Drinking Buddies along with you.

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