Feel Alive – Musically Reborn Again.

​Japanese people are known to be polite, quiet and more famously – lover of Karaoke. And personally, I thank them for giving us Karaoke. My first time enjoying Karaoke and what a wonderful experience.

They have five spacious rooms, which are dedicated to people interested in Karaoke. The best thing about the rooms is the Privacy you get. You don’t have to worry about others listening your Bathroom singing!
The food will be served you inside only You don’t have to you change your positions repeatedly.

The ambiance of the place is quiet different to other places in Sec 29. Even though they serve alcohol, but the surroundings are done in a way to make a food lover more comfortable.

Coming to food, In Starter’s first there were Falafel Cutlets. Juicy and filled with Chickpeas, they were crispy and tje dip with it is enjoyed only with this particular item.

Then there were Cheese and Jalapeño Poppers. The best starter’s. The mixture of Potato and Cheese was simply great. You cannot get better than this.

Then, Fresh Pepper Corn Bruschetta was there. They rightly used the word fresh here. The setting of a Garlic Bread sans Garlic and topped with fresh veggies like Corn, Tomato and Onions.

Vada Pav Sliders looked more like Burgers. Served in small portions of four, they were a bit dry. The Chutney filled inside was nice though.

Last in the Starter’s was Four Season Pizza. The Pizza had lots of Veggies like Babycorn, Onions, Capsicum etc. Good amount of Cheese which makes a Pizza good or bad. Go for it.

In Mocktails, there was a lot of Variety. First, there was Cucumber Special. As the name suggests, strong taste of Cucumber in it. I liked this one.

Then there was Apple Mexico. The prettiest of all. Apple with right amount of Fizz is a nice combination. This Mocktail proved it.

Guava Daily was like Mint Mojito made with Guava Flavor. Being a fan of Guava flavored beverages, I liked the combination.

In Mains, Penne Arrabbiata was first. I always prefer Alfredo over Arrabbiata. But this was a nice change. It was a bit spicy and the red sauce thankfully didn’t had strong flavor of Tomatoes.

Thai Red Curry was one of the best I have had. It had my favorite Veggie- Broccoli in it. Rice accompanied with it were plain and complimented nicely with the curry.

Finally, in Mains, Yaki Soba was there. It was your Noodles made in Japanese style. Like almost everything I had, this too, didn’t disappoint. Recommended.

In Desserts, first there was Creme Brulee. The base of the Custard was Vanilla. Blow torched to perfection, this was a good dessert to start with.

Gulab Jamun was disappointing. It was too ordinary to be ordered in a place like this.

Trifle Pudding was my favorite. Vanilla Ice Cream, along with Strawberry Sauce, a bit of Custard and chunks of Vanilla Cake at the end. If you have a Sweet Tooth like me, it is highly recommended.

Overall, a great place to Karaoke and enjoy your food as well. Recommended from my side.

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