A Grill Company -Molecular Grill in town

I was invited for a preview dinner by A Grill Company to have a look at this newly opened place and try their numerous dishes.

 Logix Mall has been functioning for almost a year now. And the crowd puller of this Mall till now was PVR IMAX. After all, it is Delhi -NCR’s first IMAX.

But now, all of this is going to change. A Grill Company has the potential to become that game changer.

Not only this place has all the usual Buffet items, it takes one more step by providing molecular dishes too. Who would have known a Buffet place could be this much fun.

The place is quite spacious. You will see tables for 2,4,6 and even 8 people. Seatimg is dome in such a way that when at full capacity, the place won’t be cramped.

The interiors are done in a beautiful manner too. The lightning effects and the posters of Bollywood and Hollywood adjacent to each other is unique.

You will be welcomed by Coffee Flavored Cotton Candy when you proceed to take your seat. It will melt in your mouth as soon as it enters. The flavor of Coffee will be there no doubt.

There is a long list of Starter’s in their Buffet spread. The molecular nitrogen laced items were a relevation.

Even the Dragon Popcorn served were Nitrogen haeavy. The best part about them was that they were butter Popcorn. Recommended.

Raj Kachori was another winner. As I was keeping it in my plate, it was unexpectedly heavy. Lots of filling inside. I loved it.

Then the best part of the meal came. Dahi Bhalla Sundae. Yeah a Sundae of ever popular Dahi Bhalla. Both the Tamarind and Green chutney were Nitrogen freezed. The shape was different but the taste was intact.

In Barbeque grills, Garlic Mushroom Cheese Masala was the best. Three portions of Mushroom set in decreasing order of size, the flavor of Mushroom was superb. Recommended again.

Coming to drinks, Nitrogen concept was present there too. Aampanna Candy was the best of the lot. The flavor of Aampanna served in a Bunta Bottle and given with a Candy Floss. As the Aampanna was poured on the candy, it started to dissolve. Delight to your eyes.

Strawberry Ice Cream Mocktail was decent too. This is what they call deconstruction of Strawberry Ice Cream. More than Ice Cream, the base was of Yogurt.

The Shakes were pretty disappointing. Both Strawberry and Saffron flavored were heavily watered down. No taste of anything. These particular items need heavy modifications.

In mains, again, there were many choices. I will mention two of them which stood out.

Chanar Dalna was the best of Main Course. It is Bengali Dish which, in this case was made of Chickpea, and was outstanding. It’s hard to believe that a dish prepared in Buffet can be this good.

Gujarati Kadi, surprisingly and thankfully wasn’t sweet as I expected. It was good even with Breads.

In Desserts, Brownies were Eggless. I was the happiest man in the room when I read that. And they were delicious too. Soft, Gooey and warm, they were a delight.

 Gulab Jamun were above average. You get better Gulab Jamuns in Barbeque Nation. But they were bigger in size.

Sugarfree Phirnee was delicious. The paste of Rice was well made. You couldn’t see or taste the Rice in Phirnee. Go for it.

Overall, this newly opened place which needs repairing in Shake’s section and Gulab Jamun in particular but you will be delighted by the other food items.

A Grill Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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