Prankster -You have been Pranked.

Prankster. My answer to the question, where should I take my wife for her Birthday Dinner.
Prankster. My answer to the question, where should I take my family to Dinner for my Parents Golden Jubilee Anniversary.
Prankster. My answer to the question, where should I organize my College reunion party to have a drink or two and chill.
My paramount answer to any food or drinks related venue, from now on, is, Prankster.
I will go as far as to say,this place has the most detailed and individualized ambiance I have experienced.
If artisans, who built Taj Mahal were alive today, would have been so proud of this place.

Prankster will remind you of your good old college days. Right from Amphitheatre to Library to Hostel Room, there is everything you can relate your college to.
The main door to come in is closed. The entry to this restaurant is from a small back door. This is done to remind you of all the times you were late in college and used to sneak in from the back door.
Then there is library section where you will find real books, most of them which are tax related. The use of textbooks for lightning effects is absolutely brilliant.

The Mixology Lab is your chemistry lab. All the equipment like Funnel, Beaker and even Burners are present. The water that comes out of the tap can be used for drinking purposes.
Amphitheatre will remind you of all those plays and even sports of your college time. And let me remind you, all of these sections are not just for show, proper seating arrangement is there.

The Hostel section again is neatly done. Bunk beds are made available and you will see clothes hanging on the ceiling to remind you of the those weekends in Hostel when the clothes were washed in one go and dried in all odd places.

Now coming to the food department. The food items were also presented in a unique way with their own interpretations.
We started off with Nitro Cooked Dahi Bhalla, Roomali Sev- Papdi. Your normal Dahi Bhalla along with Roomali Sev, infused with nitrogen to make is crisp. Superbly done. The crispiness was the best thing about them.

Sambhar Cappucino With Dosai Crisp. Again, Innovation added to your old Sambhar and Dosa. Sambhar is made in a Cappucino machine and is served along with Paper Thin Plain Dosa. The Sambhar was the best I have had.

Pao Bhaji Zinker, Marathi Garlic Crumbs is your famous Maharashtrian dish. It was served under a Rubik’s Cube. Four Rubik’s Cube and one will be empty. The person getting the empty one will be pranked. It also had a slice of Cheese in it which only added to the taste.

There were Litchi Tikka too. Your ‘Hatke’ version of Paneer Tikka. LItchi stuffed with Khoya inside it. Gave you a feel of having Gajar Ka Halwa between your meal.

Kick ass Honey Chilli Potato were different than your normal Chilli Potato. Instead of frying normal Potatoes, mashed potatoes were used. Never knew Mashed Potatoes can be this good.

Garden Fresh Vegetables Pizza was my joint favorite here. The base was made as that of Patty you have in your college Canteen. It was so soft and lots of Mozzarella Cheese was added to it. Highly recommended.

In Mocktails, Let Us Prank and Virgin Butti was there. Both of them were good. Let Us Prank had dominating Orange taste whereas Virgin Butti had the taste of Cucumber. It was a refreshing Change.

In Shakes, Kit-Kat Shake was average. It wasn’t thick and the sweetness was missing but had good taste of Kit-Kat in it.

In Mains, there was Compressed Paneer Tubes, Thai Makhani Gravy. Paneer is cut in the shape of tube and then compressed to eliminate vaccum from it and served in Thai Curry with good taste of butter in it. Another highly recommended dish and my favorite along with the Pizza.

Dal Makhani with Sour Cream Mousse was your usual Dal Makhani. Maybe the prank was on us. After having all those innovative dishes, we were expecting another one, but was served with the regular one. Cheekily done there.

Ghutwa Palak With Cumin Vaddi was the last in Mains. The Curry with Spinach Gravy served with Split Black Gram or Urad Dal Vadas. The innovations went on and on. The salt was a bit less but nothing alarming in the dish to alter the taste.

In breads, there were Tawa Parantha, Tandoori Roti and Butter Naan. Tawa Parantha took me back to my home. It looked and tasted exactly like my Mom’s Paranthas. Too good.

In Desserts, there was Pranked Rose Kheer. The Kheer was served normally. Then Nuts were added in it and finally the innovation of the day was made. Nitrogen was poured over the Rose Petals and after they were Crushed, they were topped in the Kheer. They added to the fragrance and overall sweet taste of the Kheer. Highly recommended.

Finally there was Good Old Pineapple Pastry. The most Nostalgic of all the items. Who hasn’t loved Pineapple Pastries at one stage or another of their life.

While leaving, Dehydrated Paan was also served. Perfect ending to a perfect experience.

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